The Lori K Bath Story

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The Lori K Bath Story

Something truly unique and special that would serve our friends and communities

One Day Bath Remodel…The Lori K Way!

Our founders Ron Knoche & Dan O’Callaghan became acquainted in 2015 through business. They both knew instantly they needed to get into business together. Covering two different sides of the business spectrum they realized they could create something truly unique and special that would serve their friends and their communities.  Ron & Dan have one major thing in common.  They both really care about providing great product and service to their customers.  You will see with Lori K Bath that the customer experience comes first.

Ron has been in the home improvement industry since 1991 and has been extremely successful in all aspects of the business. Ron has done everything from laborer, installer, lead carpenter, in home sales consultations, sales team management, production manager and general manager. The latter included handling Human Resources, price book creation, production oversight, lead generation, and all daily operations of the business. He helped grow a small remodeling company from a $650,000 business into a $2.8 million dollar company with 25 employees.

Ron has been involved in bathroom remodeling for the better part of a decade and truly loves the bathroom sector of remodeling. He loves the bathroom business so because he loves seeing satisfied customers that are thrilled and tell him that the finished product and entire experience from start to finish exceeded their expectations! Ron has a long-standing reputation of being a straight shooter that values having integrity with his customers and providing the nest installation in the industry.

Most anyone that knows Ron will tell you, he is a trustworthy individual that gives it to you straight. He started his own business to go after the American Dream and build something for his family. Ron is a community man who lives with his wife and 2 boys in Valparaiso and takes pride in being integrated into his community and providing his friends and neighbors with top quality products and service, that he can be proud of. Being an expert in the actual installation, Ron makes sure each job is finished to perfection.

In December of 2017 his wife was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. His number one goal is to take care of her and honor her, which is why the company is named after her, Lori K Bath. She has been fighting her cancer and her spirit and strength are an inspiration to all the people who know her.

The Lori K Difference.  We Care.

Dan has been an entrepreneur and business owner for 21 years. Dan enjoys nothing more than building family owned and operated businesses with people that share his passion for great service with a family feel. Dan, like Ron, is after the American Dream building companies to leave behind for his family. In the end his goal is to be a philanthropist. He is a neighborhood guy who lives with his wife and two girls in St. John, a community which he truly loves.  Dan, in his own words “I am nothing more than a middle class Irishman, that has a great recipe for sales, marketing and business.” That recipe’s main ingredient is, truly caring about delivering great products and services to his clients and customers, no matter how big or small they are.

He has helped many business owners build their brand and improve their companies through practices of transparency and integrity.  He helps to keep costs of marketing low and effective so the company can pass on the savings to the customer.  In 2007 he became a business and marketing consultant.  So he could share his knowledge with other business owners. He has consulted many business owners and helped grow family owned & operated companies. He truly enjoys helping small businesses owners break through to the next level.

A blue-collar guy, that loves blue-collar entrepreneurs. His formula for customer centric business models has led to him building several companies with stellar reputations. In 2012 Dan started building new companies with his clients and close friends that had a superior talent in their field. Dan and Ron met through Dan consulting and running marketing campaigns for Ron in 2015. Dan says he knew the day he met Ron, that he was an exceptional businessman with true expertise in his industry. He told his wife the night he met Ron “This guy really cares. I will be in business with him one day…I have no doubt about it.”  He could see that Ron cares about the customer in the same way that he does.  So when the opportunity arose he and Ron founded Lori K Bath to bring the best bathroom remodeling experience to the communities in Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties in the great state of Indiana!

#1 Bath Remodeler in Northwest Indiana!

Ron decided it was time to build his own company…it only made sense that the two would team up. Even though Ron and Dan have a very professional relationship, they have also developed a great friendship based on integrity and mutual respect for each other over the last few years. Both Ron and Dan truly have a passion for the bathroom remodeling, because they see how much of a dramatic change it makes to a persons home. You start every day in your shower and also often end your day there as well.  After actually trying a custom made Shower system at Ron’s brothers home, that was custom manufactured by our supplier BathWraps, Dan knew not only did he have to have one for himself, but he wanted to join forces with Ron in bringing this incredible product to the people of Northwest Indiana.

Custom Made for Your Home

Each bathroom is custom made to the highest quality standard by our incredible manufacturers BathWraps and Jacuzzi. Each one manufactured individually for your home. They are made at our factory right here in the Midwest to produce a perfect fit and finish, each and every time. Once your finished bath is received in our warehouse, most are installed in just one day!

At Lori K Bath we have very high standards and expectations for our team and every single project we take on. We make sure to treat your home, as if it is our own. You can trust that you are getting what you paid for with an unmatched experience from the free in home design and consultation, to the completion of your beautiful new bathroom.

Feel great at the start of each day…a Lori K Bath is a phone call away!