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5 Walk-In Shower Ideas to Revitalize Your Bathroom This Summer

Are you thinking of installing a walk-in shower? You’ve come to the right place! As you plan for your shower remodel, you’re going to need professional walk-in shower ideas to build a space that perfectly meets your needs and represents your personal tastes. Instead of a standard, cookie cutter design, you’ll want a fully personalized shower that brings your dream bathroom to life. Luckily, you have many options.

There are many choices to make for your new shower. From the wall and floor designs to the features that are installed within your shower, you have many customizable options. But, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Lori K Bath is here to guide you through every bathroom remodel. We’ll walk you through the top walk-in shower ideas and help you find your ideal selection.

Let’s get started! Read on to see our top 5 walk-in shower ideas and tips, then contact our team with any questions and to start planning for your shower renovations.

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Here’s 5 Walk-In Shower Ideas to Make Your Space Your Own

Your new shower should be perfectly built to suit your every need and preference! That way, you can always be comfortable in your bathing area and proud of the space that you have designed. You can choose personalized styles, colors, and features to really make your dream shower come to life. From the lighting and wall designs to the shower doors and shelving, it’s time to build your new walk-in showers.

Explore our walk-in shower ideas below, then get in touch with the bathroom designers here at Lori K Bath to start planning your shower renovations.

#1: Customized Shower Surrounds to Beautify Your Bath

When you’re looking through walk-in shower ideas, there are many options. For one, you’ll need to choose your shower surround. You can select many different styles, but the most common are acrylic and tile shower surrounds. These offer top-notch protection for your bathroom, as well as premier aesthetics and stain-resistant finishes.

Once you decide on your preferred style, you can also customize the color and designs. You can choose elegant white colors, neutral tan coloring, or vibrant colors to suit your personal taste. No matter your selection, your shower surround is sure to highlight your walk-in shower.

#2: Elegant Shower Enclosures to Frame Your Walk-In Shower

Shower enclosures are the glass panels that surround your walk-in shower and protect the rest of your bathroom from any water splashing. They come in framed and frameless designs, offering you a variety of options as you browse walk-in shower ideas. Your shower enclosure will provide an elegant view of your new shower, creating a modern aesthetic for your home bathroom.

Along with your shower enclosure, you can choose the shower door style that you prefer. This will fit seamlessly with your shower enclosure and provide a simple path for entry and exit. Together, your eye-catching shower enclosures and shower doors will create a functional and comforting spa right inside of your home.

#3: Handheld Shower Heads for Easy Access

There’s nothing more refreshing than the warmth of the shower raining down over you at the end of a long day. While you design your new walk-in shower, you can opt for a variety of shower heads to find the perfect fit for you. You can choose a shower head with high pressure, rainfall style, and more. And, better yet, you can opt for a handheld shower head for premium benefits!

Handheld shower heads offer a variety of advantages. For one, they make bathing a breeze. In addition, they provide a simple way to spray down your shower and tub on cleaning day. These shower heads are also great for those with mobility challenges because they make it easy to shower, even while sitting on the shower seat. As you’re piecing together your walk-in shower ideas, you should consider adding a handheld shower head.

#4: Walk-In Bathtubs for Greater Benefits

Perhaps you need the safety and simple access of a walk-in shower, but you don’t want to lose the comfort and relaxation of your bathtub. A walk-in tub can be just what you need! You can opt to have a walk-in bathtub installed along with a shower head, creating a space that works perfectly for both reasons. With a walk-in tub, you’ll have the accessibility of a walk-in shower with the premium rejuvenation of an at-home spa.

With your new bathtub-shower combo, you can personalize every feature to build a space that checks every box. You can implement shower seating, handheld shower heads, safety grab bars, convenient shelves, and more. Your new walk-in shower and walk-in tub will be everything that you need to transform your bathroom.

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#5: Add in Convenient Shelving Solutions

When you’re using your new walk-in shower, you’re going to need a space to store all of your essentials. From shampoo and soap to razors and combs, you need convenient access. That’s where new shower shelves come in!

You can choose recessed shower shelving to increase the usable space in your shower. You can opt for corner shelving to create an aesthetic, yet functional storage solution. You can also add wall-hung shelving to fit all of your necessary items. Whatever your choice, there are ample options to complement your shower and build the space that you’ve been dreaming of.

In Review: There are Many Options for Your Walk-In Shower Renovation!

As you start planning your new shower, know that there are ample choices to make your shower truly your own. You want a space that will serve you through the years, whether you’re just looking for durability or you have rising mobility concerns. Working with a dependable bath remodeling company like Lori K Bath, you can select many features to make your shower work for you.

When you need walk-in shower ideas, we recommend exploring acrylic and tile shower surrounds, glass shower enclosures, handheld shower heads, walk-in tubs, and the many choices for shower shelves. This way, you can find the best options for your new bathroom. Plus, if you need assistance in finding the right selection for your home, Lori K Bath is here to help.

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