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Shower to Tub Conversion Northwest Indiana

Deep soaker tubs that even a full sized adult can fully submerse in comfortably

Shower to Tub Conversion In One Day!

The tubs of today are much different than the ones we all have become accustomed to. The design gives you much more room than ever before. Lori K Bath located in Valparaiso carries a line of deep soaker tubs that even a full sized adult can fully submerse in comfortably. We also have exclusive Jacuzzi jetted hydrotherapy tubs!

The days of knees sticking out of the tub are over! You can now enjoy your bath just like you did as a kid. Fully submersed, comfortable and relaxed. When converting that old shower into any of our tub systems, Lori K Bath will get the job done with the right tub will custom easy clean walls a tub interior built to the specifications you need. Built in shelves, lighting and custom doors to name a few things you can add into your brand new tub system.

We have basic deep soaker tubs and Jacuzzi jetted therapeutic tubs available for all of Porter County, Lake County, LaPorte County and Saint Joseph County. Whatever your need, our bathroom experts can help guide you and layout the best setup for you needs, space and taste. In about an hour we can layout the entire project and get started on building the custom tub system for your space!

Check out the Jacuzzi story here:

Ken Jacuzzi – A child suffering from arthritis to the birth of HydroMassage.

installed in one day

Call Lori K Bath today and get a 100% free, no obligation, in home consultation today! Our bathroom experts will guide you simply through the entire process and once your custom application is manufactured… we have most installed in just one day!

Lori K Bath will change the way you see bath time forever!


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