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Tub to Shower Conversions

An elegant, easy-to-walk in open shower makes all the difference in the world

Custom designed and manufactured for your space

In the modern day many tubs are rarely used after your kids are past the age of 5 years old. Converting from a tub to a shower gives you a dramatic increase in overall area in your shower. Little do we realize how much space the sidewalls of a tub eat up in standing room. An elegant open shower that is easy to walk in and out of makes all the difference in the world.

Remember at Lori K Bath each bathroom is custom designed and manufactured for your space. So we can increase the standing area, add in a seat. We can design it with built in shelves, custom lighting and more. Lori K Bath will design your bathroom exactly the way you want it, in your own home. All that and most bathrooms are completely installed in a single day!

High quality products and craftsmanship

Our experts will come in your home and walk you through the process simply and straightforward…no gimmicks here. Just high quality products and craftsmanship. Not to mention world-class customer service. We will build and design your bath with you right in the comfort of your own home! In an hour or so we will have your entire shower or bath system laid out with beautiful finishes and all the stuff you would ever wanted in a shower…and some things you may not even have known you can have!

Simple & affordable

We make it simple and affordable for top quality shower systems and we stand behind all our products and everything we do. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee you can rest easy knowing you will get what you want and it will be done right the first time. That is the Lori K difference. Call today and schedule a free in home consultation and quote on your new bathroom today!