7 Renowned Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Renovating a Bathroom

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7 Renowned Bathroom Remodel Ideas When Renovating a Bathroom

When you’re in search of inspiration for your bathroom renovation, you want to find the most modern and chic remodeled bathroom ideas. At Lori K Bath, our experienced bathroom designers keep up-to-date on all trending bathroom remodel ideas so that you can stay in the loop when you’re renovating a bathroom.

In this article, you will find the 7 best tips for your upcoming bathroom remodel. Read on so that you can start planning your renovations.

Renovating a Bathroom? We Can Help!

Bathroom remodeling looks different for everyone. Whether you’re planning to convert your tub to a walk-in shower or you’re looking for a complete overhaul, you want the best design ideas at your side. From new color schemes and classic design patterns to contemporary vanities and convenient storage solutions, you can create a bath that is uniquely yours.

In your new bathroom, you can include tranquil lighting, stylized walls, accessible shower seating and other features, freestanding soaker tubs, walk-in showers, and more. With so many bathroom remodel ideas, it can be difficult to determine what’s best for your home.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Our bathroom designers have laid out the best remodeled bathroom ideas here so that you can choose the top options for your revitalized space. Keep reading to learn more.

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Here’s Our Top 7 Remodeled Bathroom Ideas

Are you planning on renovating a bathroom? You’ve found the industry’s best bathroom remodel ideas to plan your makeover. Take a look at our tips below, then you’ll be ready to design your new bath.

1) Toy with Natural Lighting

By allowing natural light in your bathroom, you build a chic and refined elegance. This can be achieved in numerous ways, all while maintaining your modesty and privacy. You can opt for frosted windows or windows that reach far above eye level, such as clerestory windows. You can also choose traditional windows that can be covered by blinds or curtains.
Furthermore, when you introduce a glass shower surround or glass doors while renovating a bathroom, you can expand the reach of your natural lighting. This allows for a peaceful warmth that you can enjoy while you shower.
Natural lighting offers many benefits, from improved moods to brighter appearances. You can build an elegant, yet comforting bathroom with these bathroom remodel ideas featuring natural lighting.

2) Experiment with Elegant Color Variations

When renovating a bathroom, you have the ability to choose any color schemes that you desire. Whether you’re looking for the warmth of deep reds and burnt oranges, or the vibrance of bright yellows and cheery greens, you can find selections that perfectly align with your preferences. Whites and silvers offer a timeless expression, whereas popping colors add a touch of modern flair.
In addition, you can introduce color variations by using unique patterns and designs. For example, marbled surfaces improve the charm and aesthetic value of your remodeled bathroom, while creating a timeless and luxurious style.
While you are implementing your remodeled bathroom ideas, you can browse many different color options to find a solution that perfectly suits your tastes. Don’t be afraid to introduce color into your bath!

3) Replace Your Outdated Tub with a Walk-in Shower

If you’re facing a bathtub that simply isn’t of use to you anymore, it may be time to upgrade to a premier walk-in shower while renovating a bathroom in your house. An unused tub becomes a tripping hazard and an eyesore, so why hold on to a bath that doesn’t serve you? Instead, consider a brand new bathing solution while you’re revitalizing your bathroom.
With a walk-in shower, you can emphasize sophistication while also improving accessibility and functionality. These showers can be installed inset into the wall or outset and covered by a gorgeous, modern shower enclosure. Shower enclosures add a classy, yet practical element to your walk-in shower.
When you are searching for bathroom remodel ideas, a shower upgrade is one of the best ways to improve the appearance and function of your space.

4) Consider a Freestanding Tub

While walk-in showers are timeless and elegant, freestanding tubs offer many similar advantages. With contemporary designs and high-quality materials, a freestanding tub offers you a serene space for relaxation as well as bathing.
These bathtubs come in a variety of styles, including soaker tubs, tubs with jets, walk-in tubs, and more. Whatever your unique needs and preferences, a brand new bath can fulfill your goals. You can even implement a freestanding tub and a separate walk-in shower, allowing you to have accessible showering and relaxing bathing opportunities.
Bathtubs come in a variety of options, including stylized selections, convenient features, unique colors, and more. When you are renovating a bathroom, installing a new tub can be an excellent way to boost your aesthetics and improve function.

5) Introduce Tile Surrounds

While solid colors and unique patterns offer many advantages, another excellent style choice for your bath is a picturesque tile surround. Tile surrounds encompass your bathing area, breaking up the monotony of your space and creating an engaging aesthetic.
If you’re searching for creative bathroom remodel ideas, then a tile surround can be your solution. With many personalized colors and designs, these backgrounds boost the appearance of your bathroom, while also protecting your walls from water damage. Tile surrounds are highly resistant to moisture, creating an effective barrier inside of your bath or shower.
Choosing the ideal colors, decorations, and features in your new bath will truly transform your space. You can turn an outdated, drab bathroom into a vivacious, relaxing haven with these simple remodeled bathroom ideas, including a brand new tile surround for your tub or shower.

6) Choose Simplicity

When you are aiming for a classic and refined space while renovating a bathroom, you may find that the most impressive solutions are found in simplicity. Instead of striving for extravagance, you will often see that the most elegant spaces are created with minimal, yet gorgeous features and designs.
You can opt for beauty through personalized color selections, stylized tub and shower surrounds, custom-made walk-in showers, modern vanities, and other simple features. Often, less is more when you are searching for bathroom remodel ideas.

7) Get in Touch with a Trusted Bathroom Remodeler & Designer

While you are searching the internet for remodeled bathroom ideas, you are sure to find that many companies offer a variety of tips and tricks. So, how can you be certain which ideas best suit you? The most effective way to find the best bathroom remodel ideas for your personal needs is to connect with a top-rated bathroom designer, such as your preferred friends at Lori K Bath.
We can help you find the perfect solution for your remodeled bath. In fact, we offer a free design consultation in which you can use our virtual Build-A-Bath program to curate your perfectly tailored bathroom. With this software, you can choose from over 140 different wall designs, colors, and features to curate a space that you are sure to love.
Professional bath remodelers are experts in the industry, meaning they can help you uncover exactly what features you will need and which designs will best complement your home. Reach out today to start renovating a bathroom in your house.
Your new bathroom is waiting! Using our remodeled bathroom ideas, you can build a space that perfectly fits your demands and vision. Then, you’ll just need an expert installation team to implement the industry’s best practices for your new bath. If you’re looking for top-rated bathroom designers and remodelers, call Lori K Bath. We’re excited to assist!

These Bathroom Remodel Ideas will Transform Your Bath

Armed with our top-rated remodeled bathroom ideas, you can build a bathroom that is uniquely yours. With your specific needs and preferences in mind, your new space will fit your every requirement. You can turn your drab, outdated bathroom into an elegant, spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home. 

And, if you need help designing and building your new bathroom, Lori K Bath is here to provide professional guidance and assistance. We are your bathroom remodeling experts, ready to put our experience to work for you. Don’t stare at your drab bath for one more day! Call us today for more premier bathroom remodel ideas and skilled support with renovating a bathroom. We look forward to guiding you through the process.