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Is Spring REALLY the Best Time for Windows and Doors?

All year long our crews are busy installing new bathrooms, windows and doors for our customers. But there are certain times of the year when it makes more sense to install windows and doors and that season starts right now. As spring turns to summer this is an ideal time to consider replacing worn out windows and doors so you can enjoy the comfort and style that you’ve been missing. 

The warm weather simply makes this task easier on everyone since we don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures and sideways rain ruining our installation schedule and sucking all the heat out of your home during installation. Window suppliers also bulk up on inventory so selection is optimal and lead times are as short as they get. 

We even have an outstanding installation special running right now that you might qualify for, including a free upgrade to TRIPLE pane windows. That’s right – three sheets of glass means incredible insulation values as well as lower UV intrusion during the summer. You also won’t believe how quiet they are! 

New entry doors are also a great way to upgrade the style and curb appeal of your home while providing for amazing energy efficiency and security – and right now is door season. Choose from an amazing array of styles and features with our helpful guides. We’ll make the process easy by bringing the showroom to you helping you easily narrow down the selection to a few choices.

Guide: When New Windows and Doors Are Needed


Probably the easiest test (or is it?) is how they function. Can you easily open and close your windows and doors? This one can be sneaky because you may have lived with problems so long you forgot how a window or door should open and close. Many of our customer are shocked at what they’ve been living with once they upgrade to modern doors and windows.

Energy Bills

If your energy bills are higher than they should be, your windows and doors may be to blame. Windows and doors that have cracks, gaps, broken seals, or rattle in their frames means heat is leaking out of your home all winter long. New windows and doors might pay for themselves quicker than you realize.


If the snowplow and garbage truck are waking you up you may get more rest with new windows. Right now we have a free upgrade to triple pane windows. With three sheets of glass between you and the street, you’ll sleep easy (and warm).


If your windows or doors have cracks, have degraded due to moisture, don’t fit snugly in their frames or have condensation they may be damaged. Repairing damaged windows or doors can be so expensive, it usually makes more sense to consider replacement.


Styles change and your windows and door style may be so outdated it’s degrading the beauty of your home. So many of our customers are surprised at how much satisfaction they get from beautiful new doors and windows that they see and operate every single day. 

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