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The Team to Partner With for a Tub-to-Shower Conversion at Your Portage, IN, Home

Do you still have use for your tub? Chances are, if your kids are grown and you don’t have pets, you likely don’t. Instead, the high barrier you climb over when it’s time for a shower proves to be an inconvenience and, in some ways, a danger. But what can you do about it? Well, the simple answer is that you can turn to Lori K Bath for an expert tub-to-shower conversion. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Portage, Indiana, area with these projects, which impact not only the wet area of the bathroom but the space as a whole.

When you have us install a new walk-in shower in place of your old bathtub, you’ll see the appearance and overall vibe of your entire bathroom space undergo a complete transformation.

Why Does a Tub-to-Shower Conversion Make Sense for Your Bathroom?

Why is a tub-to-shower conversion such a wise investment for your bathroom? Consider that replacing your outdated tub with a stunning walk-in shower will:

  • Improve safety – Your tub’s high barrier may very well be a hazard to you, and it’s certainly a safety risk for anyone in your home with mobility issues. With a walk-in shower, you won’t have to worry about that—simply step in and start bathing.
  • Create more space – A tub-to-shower conversion will help you maximize the space in your bathroom, as you’ll no longer have a big, bulky bathtub taking up room. This will allow you more design and layout flexibility.
  • Enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic – Your new shower system can possess whatever aesthetic features you’re thinking of. You can choose from different wall surrounds, as well as different shelving, seating, and grab bar options.

What’s more, we source our walk-in showers from industry leader Jacuzzi, which means you can be 100% confident that the new bathing fixture you’re getting is of the utmost quality.

Invest in Your Tub-to-Shower Conversion Today!

For more information about having us complete a tub-to-shower conversion at your home in Portage, IN, reach out to Lori K Bath today.